Chief Mark Corona, Croc Buster By Day

Chief Mark Corona & Sultan Of Slowjamastan

Whether by pogo stick, bicycle, tricycle or foot, Chief Mark Corona keeps the border safe. When he’s not slapping someone with a dirty croc for breaking the law….

...He Becomes Dirk Cunningham!

Meet the Dirk. He is Slowjamastan’s leading breaking news anchor. With his slick hair, incredible fashion sense, and stylish glasses, Dirk delivers. Watch Dirk in action in the video below.

Chief Makes Arrest

Dirk Reports It!

Slowjamastanies have come to trust  Dirk Cunningham with his amazing voice that always starts and ends with comfort. His signature sign off “God bless the Republic Of Slowjamastan” brings people to their knees.

Dirk Cunningham

Alright, looks like that’s all the dirt we have on the Chief. In the meantime…

Have You Tried The Chief’s New Coffee Brand? 

Chief Mark Corona & Sultan copy

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