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Slowjamastan Laws

We say NO to Crocs!

Those clunky, hole-filled clown shoes are strictly prohibited. Trust me; they’re a crime against fashion. Get caught wearing them, and you’ll face the ultimate punishment: four slaps to the face with a dirty croc. And if you still don’t learn your lesson, we will force you to watch 24 hours of the Kardashians.

NO To Crocs!

Chief Mark Corona is dedicated to upholding Slowjamastan laws. But we can still have fun while following the rules. In Slowjamastan, we have strict laws to improve our people’s fashion sense. And, that’s why crocs are at the top of the hit list.

Slowjamastan Laws

Clear Violation of Slowjamastan Laws? Feet on the dashboard!

Oh, no-no-no! That’s a big no-go in Slowjamastan. This violation is as bad as wearing crocs. In fact, deciding which of these two violations should be number one on our list was a difficult decision for us. Placing your feet on the dashboard is unsanitary, trashy, and downright unacceptable.

Heck, forget the trashiness of the habit. Ever consider your legs getting crushed in the event of an accident? Placing your nasty feet on the dash is not only disgusting, it’s dangerous!

String Cheese Violators

Slowjamastan laws exist for a darn good reason. Now, let’s talk string cheese violators. If you don’t know how to eat string cheese the right way, we need to talk! We take our cheese seriously here. No willy-nilly chomping allowed. These cheesy criminals will face a stiff fine. But don’t worry, we’ll let them off the hook if they can master the art of cheese pulling! Look, it’s not rocket science. You open the package, pull the string cheese and eat it. How hard can that be?

What Is Porder Batrol?
Mumble Rap!
Mumble Rap

Not familiar with the term? It’s like the lyrics are playing hide and seek! Famous artists like Lil Uzi Vert and Lil Yachty cannot perform in Slowjamastan. That’show much we despise mumble rap. We like our music with clear words and some rhythm you can dance to. Example of great artists are: L.L. Cool J, Vanilla Ice, Eazy-E, etc.

Follow The Law!

If you follow the Slowjamastan laws, you’ll be good to go. But dare to break’em, and you’ll find out what the term “f*%^ around and find out” really means. So, let’s all laugh, dance, and enjoy life.

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