Chief Gets Detained and Handcuffed In An Unforgettable Encounter with San Bernardino Police

Story By Dirk Cunningham

Traveling from Slowjamastan to Riverside, California, for a routine training session, Chief Patrol Agent Mark Corona finds himself pulled over by local law enforcement. It became apparent that the officers were either unaware of the Republic of Slowjamastan or took issue with our anti-croc laws. Inquisitive, they began questioning agent Corona. But what happened next was nothing short of audacious – they handcuffed him and escorted him to sit in the back of their police vehicle for what seemed like an eternity.

The People Watch

To the astonishment of onlookers, Agent Corona exemplified unparalleled self-discipline and restraint that only a trained specialist from Slowjamastan could possess. Agent Corona, an esteemed graduate of the Slowjamastanistani Special Forces and a master of the infamous “wedgie of death,” maintained his composure in this tense situation. Had the San Bernardino police officers known the lengths Agent Corona could go to, they would have thought twice before crossing him.


A Big Mistake By San Bernardino Police

It was at this moment that the officers on duty realized their colossal mistake. The supervisor wasted no time, ordering his men to immediately release Agent Corona. With a sigh of relief, the San Bernardino officers swiftly retreated, unharmed but undoubtedly embarrassed.
What could have been a potential international incident was skillfully averted, all thanks to Agent Corona’s cool-headedness and quick thinking.
Chief Corona Released


In this captivating tale, San Bernardino officers narrowly escape an international incident that could have spiraled out of control. Thanks to Agent Corona’s calm demeanor, what started as a perplexing encounter ended with no harm done.