NO Crocs Allowed! | NO String Cheese Violators! | NO Feet On The Dashboard!

What Is Porder Batrol?
Croc Violator Busted
Crocade Punishment
Hail To The Chief Patrol Agent Mark Corona
Chief Border Patrol Agent For Slowjamastan
My job is to enforce our laws, secure our borders, and slap the hell out of violators with the use of a dirty croc.
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Did you know that you can become a Porder Batrol Agent? Simply apply. We are always looking for a few average agents to join the force. 

What Is The Porder Batrol?
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Ask not what your Porder Batrol can do for you – Ask what you can do for your Porder Batrol

Put a Smile One Someone’s Face With A 15-30 sec Personalized Video Message From The Sultan or Chief Mark Corona. Inquiry Here

Watch Mark Corona in action! 

In Slowjamastan, we believe in the dissolution of crocs, teaching people the correct way to eat string cheese, and eliminating feet on the dashboard forever! Want to join our cause? Well, Damn it, What are you waiting for? Apply to become one of my agents and together, we will succeed in creating a croc-free world!

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