Fake Border Patrol Truck Spotted: Real or Clever Hoax?

Did you spot a truck that looked like a Border Patrol vehicle? Wondering what it is, or if it’s even real? Chances are, you encountered the legendary Porder Batrol, led by the infamous Chief Mark Corona. Chief Corona is the first line of defense for the newly established nation of Slowjamastan. Is the truck real? Absolutely! It’s a genuine Slowjamastan border patrol truck. Slowjamastan has borders that need protecting, and the Sultan himself authorized Chief Corona to patrol and safeguard them. Naturally, he needed a suitable vehicle to chase down any lawbreakers. Given that Slowjamastan is nestled within the United States, it only made sense to use similar colors for easy identification.


Fake Border Patrol Truck copy

Unfortunately, the United States has a trademark on the name “Border Patrol,” so we decided to shuffle the letters around just enough to create the “Porder Batrol.” It’s still clear that we are a border patrol agency.

Like any country, we have laws. For example, Crocs are strictly forbidden—yes, the Swiss cheese looking shoes, not the reptiles. And Chief Mark Corona does an exceptional job of enforcing these laws, patrolling the streets in his trusty Porder Batrol truck.

Next time you spot the legendary Porder Batrol, be sure to wave hello! Chief Mark Corona will surely appreciate the friendly gesture.

Dream of becoming one of our esteemed agents? Apply now! We might not have a fake border patrol truck, but we know they’re out there. With your help, we can track them down and bring them to justice. Join us in the thrilling adventure of spotting and reporting these imposters. Together, we can keep Slowjamastan safe and croc-free!

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