Ready to Play the Fun-Filled SlowJamastan Trivia Game?

Ready to experience the wild, wacky world of Slowjamastan? Play this engaging, yet important Slowjamastan trivia game. We will take you on a fun-filled tour through our vibrant culture. The Sultan and myself, Chief Border Patrol Agent, wish you luck – May your feet never touch a croc.

Join Us Every Tuesday at 6pm PST For Slowjamastan Trivia. Your Chance To Win Up To $1,000

People are winning and you can be next. Join me (your Chief) as I host a wild 10 question game every Tuesday night. To play, you must become a Slowjamastan member by signing up here. See you on the inside!

Slowjamastan Trivia Game

What is the name of the raccoon, our National animal?
True or False - The currency is recognized as the “Rubble”
What is the name of our Chief Border Patrol Agent?
What is the Chief's favorite dessert?
While in Slowjamastan, you should ALWAYS wear some type of stylish Croc’s
True or False - You can name your own State within the Republic
What is the official language of Slowjamastan?
What is the name of the official beef jerky at the Blu In Cafe?
How many Covid cases has Slowjamastan had since inception?
What is the name of the “Breaking News” host?
What is Parliaments official American watering hole?
What is the official time zone?
What is the Capital of Slowjamastan?
Name this member of Parliament
TRUE OR FALSE - Slowjamastan is installing a Lazy River
Name the restaurant that rolled out the red carpet for the Sultan and his Parliament
What is the Chief Border Patrol Agent’s go to Tequila brand?
What is the Sultan's day job?
What is the Chief Border Agents Day Job?
Which of the following is a big NO! NO! At Slowjamastan?
True or False - The fulll name of Slowjamastan is “The United Territories of the Republic”
Slowjamastan Trivia Game
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Congratulations. You are now one of the few and the proud to have played Slowjamastan trivia. Are you feeling fantastic? We bet your ass you are. Ready to become a citizen of this great Nation? Fill out the application. In the meantime, follow Chief Border Agent, Mark Corona on IG: @PorderBatrol. And, of course, the Republic: @SlowJamastan. But, more importantly, share this page with people who are as awesome as you.

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