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Welcome To The Paw Batrol - A Fearless Team Of Furry Friends!

Get to know this extraordinary unit of Paw Batrol Agents. Keep reading for all the thrilling details.

Introducing Slowjamastanley

Protecting Slowjamastan borders from intruders is his top priority. Slowjamastanley is a dedicated guardian who ensures our strict laws are upheld. Beware, for any animal caught sporting crocs will feel the mighty wrath of this eagle-eyed raccoon.
When it comes to food, tacos are his ultimate weakness. But, we kindly ask the public not to feed him. Clear signs are posted all over Slowjamastan to remind everyone of this request.

Introducing Lloyd Christmas Kringle


Known as Kringle, he is the Chief’s four-legged Labrador rescue and leader of the K9-Unit. This K9 means business when it comes to fighting crime. Beware: Kringle’s tactics include slobbery kisses, tug of war, and devouring anything in sight.

Become A Paw Batrol Agent

Paw Batrol Slowjamastanley

Join the Paw Batrol Squad! Your furry companion can now be part of this amazing team. Fill out the form and upload a picture of your pet. Visit later to find out if your pet has made the cut.

Furry Friend Application

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Meet Our Agents

Come visit the Motherland; Slowjamastan. We would love to see you

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