Attention Ladies and Gentlemen! The Bike Patrol Wants You!

If you live in Phoenix, I would love for you to join me in launching the first ever Bike Patrol Club for the Porder Batrol. No more chasing croc criminals on four wheels through the desert! Forget struggling up hills and valleys on the porder batrol. We’ll have a blast catching these dirty criminals on two wheels!

Bike Patrol

Ok, although that sounds like a lot of fun, here's the real deal:

If you’re passionate about hiking and biking, I want you to join me. From weekly hikes to weekly rides, we’ll explore it all on our two wheels or two legs. Our travels will take us through Phoenix, Sedona and beyond. If you love new adventures and waking up to a fun hike/bike ride on a weekend morning, let’s talk.

Fill out the Bike Patrol app and become a member today!

Applying is easy, and once you sign up, I will reach out to you for a meet and greet over the phone. Can’t wait to hike and ride with you!

PS – Currently, the Bike Patrol is only open to Phoenix residents.