Peru Decaf - For Those Who Love Coffee But Can Do Without The Buzz

Coffee is a good way to start your morning. But, not everyone can handle the strong punch of caffeine that comes with it. For those who love the taste of coffee but can do without the buzz, decaf is the perfect solution. Today, we want to share with you the newest addition to our coffee collection – the Peru Decaf. This blend will give you that familiar taste of coffee classic without the jitters.

Peru Decaf Coffee

What is Peru Decaf Coffee?

Peru decaf is a coffee that has undergone the Swiss Water Process. It’s a non-chemical, water-based decaffeination method. It uses activated carbon filters to remove caffeine from the beans. This process ensures that none of the coffee’s flavor gets lost. And, only the caffeine gets extracted.

Our Peru decaf gets sourced from the coffee farms of the Andes. The beans are grown up in the high altitudes with cooler temperatures and ample shade.

Taste Profile of Peru Decaf

Peru decaf has a unique taste profile that sets it apart from other decaf coffees. It has a medium body with a balanced acidity that keeps your taste buds awake and happy. It has sweet notes of chocolate, caramel, and roasted nuts, with a hint of spice at the finish. Sip by sip, Peru decaf will make you forget that there is no caffeine in your cup.

Best Brewing Methods for Peru Decaf

Peru decaf is a versatile coffee that can get brewed using various methods. Whether you prefer pour-over, French Press, or espresso – Peru decaf will deliver. To get the most out of your cup, we recommend using a medium-fine grind. Also, try brewing at a temperature of 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit, and a coffee-to-water ratio of 1:16.

Benefits of Switching to Peru Decaf

Aside from giving you the flavor without the caffeine, there are other benefits. For one, it is better for your mental health. Also, it removes the risk of caffeine-induced anxiety and sleep disturbances. It is also a great way to cut down on your caffeine intake. If you’re someone who drinks many cups of coffee daily, this is a great alternative.

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And Finally On That Decaf Thing...

Decaf is a great option for those who still want to enjoy the flavor without the high levels of caffeine. Our Peru decaf is 100% natural, has a delicious taste profile, and can brew using various methods. You don’t have to sacrifice the taste of coffee to be able to relax and enjoy your day. Order your Peru decaf today. See for yourself why it’s becoming one of our best-selling blends. Order yours today